ISN’s campus encompasses purpose built areas specifically designed to meet student learning needs.  Classrooms are modern, bright and situated within an open floor plan.  Each classroom is equipped with an interactive white board, digital projector and document scanning unit.  Two well equipped computer labs are available for student use, each is equipped with an industrial quality 3D printer.  ISN students have access to a professionally staffed library, a dance studio, art classrooms, and multipurpose auditorium.  Tennis courts, basketball, volleyball, a full sized soccer field and track are available for student use during the school’s Physical Education courses, recesses and within After School Activities (ASAs).  Modern playground equipment is accessible to students during scheduled recesses and breaks.  ISN’s campus is located with a walled campus monitored by security and 24 hour camera monitoring.

      • Transportation

International School of Ningbo provides daily bus service for Pre-K through grade 12 students.

Students ride in climate-controlled comfort in upholstered seats complete with seat belts. All buses have a bus monitor who is responsible for the safety and well-being of their bus riders. Etudents are required to wear seat belts.

Morning and afternoon buses serve neighborhoods in Jiangdong, Jiangbei, Haishu, Yinzhou, beilun and Zhenhai. Transportation is available for students participating activities after school.

For more detailed bus route information or any questions, contact the admission office.

      • Food Services

The lunch is offered in a buffet style. Students have the choice from a wide range of international dishes: vegetarian, western, Asian, pizza, pasta, salad and fruit.

Early years students have lunch in the kindergarten and Grades 1-12 students have lunch in the canteen.

There are imported milk and many kinds of dishes and snacks for the students every day.

Chef David

All the food is made by Chinese Chef and two-star Michelin chef David and the ingredients and preparation are in accordance with hygiene standards.

Organic Farm

The vegetables in the school dining hall, are all from a pollution-free organic vegetable farm, which covers 450 acres and is owned by the school itself. All vegetables are grown organically and meet the requirements of organic vegetables.

From 2015, the farm will supply different types of grapes to the students from June through to November, enriching the variety of fruits in the school.

      • Safety and Security

In our mission to serve the ISN community, the Safety and Security office oversees the physical security on school grounds and works with facilities to ensure a safe environment for everyone on campus. There are contracted guards present 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Our safety and security team is in charge of safety procedures and strictly enforces school policies. Parents of ISN students obtain entrance cards used in campus access. Other visitors are not allowed entrance at the front gate without an entrance card, except that the staff in ISN go to the front gate to meet with the guards and let the visitors in.

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