Many top universities prefer students who are involved in various fields and contribute in more than just one area. This 2015-2016 academic year, ISN hosted almost 20 After School Activity Clubs. These clubs give students the tools they need to become well balanced world citizens.

| Skateboarding Club |

Our head of school, Mr. Cavon Ahangarzadeh hosts the skateboarding club. It is designed to encourage students to participate, learn new skills and develop courage.

| Weiqi Club/Chess Club |

We don’t only look at physical activities but also mental development with board games like Weiqi and Chess. Students learn to think on different levels and this surely helps with development.

| Golf Club |

ISN Golf Club aimsto spark children’s interest for the game of golf. It offers a fun, educational environment that trains golf skills, coordination, encourages progress, builds confidence and a long-term athletic development. Students learn the fundamentals of golf along with etiquette and rules of the game.

| Model United Nations |

In the Model United Nations (MUN), students act as diplomatic representatives of different countries or political entities. Global issues are expressed and discussed. This activity can help participants broaden their horizons as well as develop leadership.

| Dance Club |

ISN’s Dance club is a unique club as it is made up entirely of girls. Dancing not only cultivates temperament, but is very health and an excellent activity for physical development. This club is hosted by ISN’s talented dance teacher, Ms. Natalia de Backer.

| Other Clubs |

There is also Japanese club which attracts students who are interested in learning a new language. For coordination development, students are also able to attend football club or volleyball club. Early year students can jump rope outside or choose indoor arts-and crafts class.

ISN’s after school program provides an opportunity for children, in a stress-free environment, to relax and socialize with other students of the same or different grades in a variety of exciting, engaging and learning activities. The focus is on participation, development and having fun!

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