ELL Program

English Language Learners (ELL) Program

Students participate in a graduated, supportive, immersion program supported by both the ELL department and the homeroom teacher.  In this way, ELL student attend mainstream classes and receive specific English support both inside and outside of the mainstream classes based on individual needs and proficiency levels. As a student gains a higher level of proficiency in English, as demonstrated in classroom achievement and standardized testing, he or she becomes more independent of ELL support services.

To complement a balanced academic life and add to the socialization process, students of English are encouraged to engage in the school’s After School Activities program and tournament sports program.

All students applying to International School of Ningbo (ISN) must demonstrate adequate English proficiency to perform successfully in our academic programs.
ISN offers ELL support in Grades 1-12. All ELL students participate in mainstream classes, but based on Admissions testing and a review of school records, students are designated to receive a specific level of ELL support from an ELL specialist.
The program involves ongoing testing and, in-school, English language support by the school’s ELL department.  Formal recommendations and an exit assessment are required exit the program.
A RMB 3,000 per semester fee is applied to all students admitted into the school’s ELL program.

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