Elementary School

Elementary School:  Kindergarten – Grade 5

Children in the elementary years of education are developing the necessary skills, both social and academic, to become confident and engaged learners.

Our goal is to nurture passion, curiosity, creativity, self-expression and to instill joy by providing a nurturing and compassionate environment that supports and challenges a child’s development. We encourage children to be active participants in their own learning and to continually question what they are learning and how it connects to their own experiences.

ISN has an engaging curriculum, highly qualified and talented teachers, and purpose built facilities to support learning.  All within the dynamic city of Ningbo.

ISN’s Elementary School curriculum is standards based, meaning that each unit of our curriculum is focused on specific outcomes. Teachers provide instruction through a range of strategies that reflect research based educational practices. A comprehensive curriculum focused on strong foundational skills in language arts, math, social studies and science provides the core of the curriculum. Specialist subjects are also offered in Chinese language, physical education, library, music and art. Classroom teachers provide differentiated instruction to cater to individual student needs; while students who require English language support are enrolled in the school’s ELL program. At ISN we provide an environment of high expectations and a focus on learning within an environment of that nurtures the development of a virtuous character.

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